Registration Instructions

To view the list of available classes,  click on the Class Grid link provided in Step 2 below.  Please note that you will not be able to register for classes unless you have submitted all required clearances and completed step 1 of the registration procedure.


(Clearances are good for 3 years from the date they obtained.  If you are not sure if PALS has a copy of your clearances or if your clearances are current, please contact Joanne at

Registration is a two-step process.  All families (even returning families) need to complete BOTH steps for each term.  Payment is due on or before the first day of classes.

(STEP 1) FAMILY REGISTRATION AND COMMUNITY SHARE FEE PAYMENT.  Click here for the FAMILY REGISTRATION FORM.   Each family must complete this form each term.  Choose your name from the drop-down menu for parent’s name and answer the questions, which include, among other things (a) choosing whether pay the PALS Community Share Fee on a per family or per class basis, (b) providing contact information, and (c) agreeing to the PALS Enrichment terms and conditions.

Note:  There will be a Beta Testing period for registration, during which time only teachers and board members can register (and therefore only teachers and board members will be listed on the drop-down parents name menu for the family registration).  For more detail about dates, see the menu item “Calendar” on the main menu.   After regular registration opens, all parents who have submitted the required clearances will appear on the drop-down menu.

(STEP 2) CLASS REGISTRATION FORM FOR EACH CLASS. The classes offered during the term can be seen on the Class Grid,  which includes class times, prices, descriptions, and age groups. (You may need to scroll to the right to see the descriptions).

DURING REGISTRATION, you register by clicking on the class name, which will direct you to a registration form customized for the class. Depending on your browser, if you are registering for more than one class, you may wish to right-click on the class name link and select “open in new window,” so that a copy of the class grid remains open.

NOTE:  The clickable links are active only during the registration period.  Also, YOU WILL NOT APPEAR ON THE CLASS REGISTRATION DROP-DOWN MENU AND BE ABLE TO COMPLETE A CLASS REGISTRATION UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE FAMILY REGISTRATION FORM DESCRIBED IN STEP 1 ABOVE.  (The drop-down menu will not update until the next time a form is submitted or an hour, whichever is shorter.  If you are registering at a time when a lot of other people are registering, you likely won’t notice any wait time.  If, however, you are registering at a time when no one else is registering – use this link: Reboot Form  (the first answer will be auto-filled “reboot form”, hit “next” to be taken to the final screen, check the box by the waiver, and hit “submit”)  – this will submit a blank form that will cause the drop-down menu to update.  If this doesn’t work,  let us know at .

If you have questions about a class, feel free to email the individual teacher (scroll to the far right of the grid to see the teacher’s email).

Age limits for each class appear in the center of the Class Schedule Grid. If you wish to register your child for a class outside of the age limits (either younger OR older) you must  obtain permission from the teacher before you register.  If you have not obtained the teacher’s permission, your registration may be deleted.

For questions  about the registration procedure or if you need to change or correct your class or family registration, please contact our Registrar, Tarissa Arnold Mages at .  

New registrations after the second week of classes require teacher permission.  However, even after the term has started, many clubs and some classes may be open to new students.  If you are new to us or to homeschooling and wish to see whether you child(ren) may join a class which is in progress, please contact our Board President Merry Demko at