Fall Field Trip

Here is the link to sign up for the field trip.  Please sign up if you are planning on attending.


Here are more details:

Please join us for our Fall Field Trip to Fun Slides Pittsburgh!

Fun Slides offers carpet skating with ramps for all ages.  We will be able to take full advantage of the carpet slides and the facility has thrown in the “Extras” for us without the extra charges!  The “Extras” includes dodgeball, an obstacle course, and bounce and slide inflatables.  The price of $11 per person includes access to the carpet skating facility, the skates, and the Extras.  Typical cost would be $19.49 per person so come take advantage of the field trip pricing, hanging out with friends, meeting new families, and having fun!

We do have to fill out waivers, which you can do on their website or when you arrive.  They do have snacks available, but you are welcome to bring our own food into the facility if you would like.

Check out the website for more details about the facility if you are interested:


Date: 09/05/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 11:00am – 1:30pm

Location: 1130 Perry Hwy, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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Our New Website Membership Information

We are excited to announce that we are now ready for families to request membership on our new website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/2602/signup

Once you complete this form and submit it, we will double-check that your clearances are on file with PALS and will be current for the entire semester.  If so, your membership will be approved.  Please give us up to 7 days to do this as we could potentially have a lot of requests to verify.  You will not be able to register for classes once class registration opens until this process is complete.

Once your membership is verified, you will be all set to register for classes on the appropriate date.  Teacher registration will open on August 13th and all other registration will open on August 20th.

At this point we will only be using the new website for fall class registration as we are still working to get all aspects of the new website set for our organization.  So please continue to use the old website for all other information: https://palsenrichment.org/

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Class proposals and descriptions by Saturday please!

This Saturday is the last day to submit class proposals, however, we only have room for one more class per period (Great job filling all our new rooms with awesome classes everyone!). Therefore, if we run out of space before then, we will not be able to accept all proposals. We have a lot of class options for the 12+ crowd, so we are going to be prioritizing new proposals that are for the younger crowd, and particularly those that include either 7 year olds or 11 year olds, the two ages for which we have the fewest options. Please look carefully at the schedule before proposing a class, because we would like to include classes that would be different from other classes in the same period to give a nice variety in the choices offered. Here is a link to the current draft of the schedule to review when crafting new proposals: https://www.homeschool-life.com/2602/class/?public=1…Manage
For teachers who are already on the schedule, if you have not submitted your class description please do so by Saturday. Also, please click on your class on the current draft of the schedule to ensure details regarding cost, age range, and maximum number of students are correct. Note, the maximum number of students listed is purposefully one less than in your proposal to account for any need approval sign-ups
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New location tour today!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Whitney Park at 11:30 this morning. Please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and blanket (there are no picnic tables, but there is a grassy area that is perfect for picnic blankets). Then we will go tour our new location at 1:00 PM. If you meet us at 1:00 PM please meet us on the sidewalk outside the Whitney Avenue entrance to Mifflin Avenue Methodist Church.

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Come see the new location!

We will be taking anyone who is interested on tours of our new location at Mifflin Avenue Methodist Church next Wednesday! We are going to meet at Whitney Park at 11:30 AM for the kids to play and parents to hang out. Then we will head to the our new location at 1:00 PM. We will be taking everyone through in groups to be as respectful to the church staff and facility as possible, so if you decide to meet us at the church at 1:00 PM please wait for us on the sidewalk so we can form into groups and walk through together. Please feel free to invite new friends who might be interested in checking out PALS. We look forward to seeing everyone!

If you can’t make it next Wednesday, we will be announcing a couple of work days at the new location in August, so you are welcome to come and see the new facility then as well.

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Fall Schedule

We have a very first draft of the fall schedule ready to view. Please note, room numbers are not accurate, many class descriptions are not complete, and this link is to a new website that is not ready for use yet, but will enable you to look at the classes that have been proposed so far. The rest of the site is still under construction. Please keep the class proposals coming, especially for preschool and elementary aged students. Proposals can continue to be made until July 21st at:

Check out what has been proposed so far at:


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Class Proposals

We need more class proposals for this coming term.  It would be wonderful to fill up the classrooms in our new location!

If you have a class you would like to teach, please submit it as soon as possible.  The proposals do not have to be complicated at all.  If you would like to do some kind of math class for ages 6 to 9, just submit it as a generic math class for now and when you get more details we can fill them in on the schedule.  The new deadline for class proposals is July 21st.  This will give the board the time it needs to make sure we have enough classes for all the age groups and to set everything up for our first day of classes on September 12th.

Please check the classes and events page for the FALL 2018 class times and dates which should be updated soon.

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We Have A New Location!!

Yipeee!!  We have a new location.  Mifflin Avenue United Methodist Church, located at 905 Mifflin Avenue, Pittsburgh .  Here is link to their web site http://mifflinave.org/  If you click on the “space rental” tab you can see pictures of some of the rooms we will be using.  There are also more that are not pictured.

Many, many thanks go to Emily Viehland for suggesting this church and for doing the initial walk through.

There are plenty of classrooms, a preschool room with toys we can use and even a gymnasium!  There is also lots of on street parking all around the church.  We are all very excited to start classes in this new location.  We are planning to have an open house sometime in the next couple of weeks so that all our families can see what this new location has to offer.  When we have a date set for that we will announce it here.

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New site update from Merry Demko

I am happy to announce that after months of phone calls and site visits, we have found a new location for PALS for the fall! We have a few details to settle and final walk through Thursday and will make the announcement after that. Shout out to our awesome board members for all the hours they volunteered to find a fabulous new place for us. Thanks for your patience, more details very soon.

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Site Search Update

Board members have been hard at work choosing a new site for PALS classes, looking for someplace with the best combination of space flexibility and location. Thanks to all who shared possible sites with us to pursue. We have a couple more visits to make and hope to have a choice made in the next week or two. We plan on having everything finalized and announced by the end of June. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns! I look forward to continuing PALS in the fall at our new location and am excited by the possibilities a new space will bring. – Merry

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