Field Trip – Temperature reminder

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To anyone going on the field trip tomorrow, I just heard that it’s a chilly 52 degrees in the caverns, so please dress for the change in temperature!

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Parent jobs sign up is live.

If you did not get an invite, please email Julie at

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PALS Parent jobs email

I sent an email out tonight announcing the PALS parent jobs invites will go out at 8:00 pm tomorrow (Wednesday).  If you did not receive this email you will not receive an invite.  Please send your email address to so I can add you to the list.



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Laurel Caverns Field Trip

Wednesday, September 6.

For details, Click here: Laurel Caverns

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Jobs signup

We are finalizing the jobs signs up now.  An email with the link to the signup site will be sent out on Wednesday to registered families at the the email address you  provided to us during registration.

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It is almost that time again!  Beta-testing registration (for teachers and board members only) will open on this Wednesday (August 2) at 9:00.

Registration for everyone will open Monday, August 7, at 9:00.

Other important dates:

Family Jobs registration opens: date TBD – will be around 4 or 5 days after registration opens.

Regular Registration closes:  Friday August 25 at midnight

Late Registration opens: Wednesday September 13 at 9:30.  New Registrations during this time will require a $20 late fee (which may be waived in the board’s discretion, such as for families who are new to homeschooling and/or to PALS.)

Late Registration closes: Wednesday September 20 at midnight. Registrations after this date will require teacher permission, since adding students can be disruptive to ongoing classes.

Fall Field Trip (Details TBA): Wednesday, September 6

First Day of Classes: Wednesday, September 13

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Pals Summer Park Days

PALS is heading to the parks this summer! Join us at Raccoon Creek State Park on Wednesday, June 21 at 10 am for a hike and picnic lunch in the Wildflower Reserve and then a few hours on the beach. Wear your hiking shoes, pack a picnic lunch, and bring your beach supplies. There’s also a place to rent boats if you’re interested. Hope to see you there! (We’re also planning park days for July 19 and August 16. Stay tuned for more details and comment below if you know of any great parks!)…/findapark/raccooncreek/

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Keep the Class Proposals coming!

We have posted a draft class schedule for fall (look on the webpage under the Enrichment Classes menu) slotting in the classes proposed so far.  Many of them are in the only position possible – some could move depending on what other classes are proposed.

If you see a spot where your kid won’t have an interesting class choice – then propose a class!  Classes also tend to fill up fast – so even if we have one class for an age group (particularly for the younger kids) we will still need another one for the same period.  Also remember teachers get to register during the beta testing period for registration.

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Fall Class Brainstorming location

The last post left out the location of the brainstorming session.  It will take place on the the third floor — meet in the central hallway — at lunchtime.


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Fall Classes Brainstorming Session – Call for Class Proposals

This coming Wednesday at lunch we will have a brainstorming session for fall classes – if you want to teach but aren’t sure of what you might offer or what PALS might need – this is the place for you to talk it over with board members, teachers, and parents.  The session may continue during the afternoon classes in the lunchroom, if necessary.

In preparation for this – if you already know what you’d like to offer (particularly if you have limitations as to which time periods you can teach) – please get your class proposals into the proposal form by Tuesday afternoon.  We will bring a copy of the existing proposals to the meeting, so we don’t duplicate classes people would already like to offer.


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