Changes at PALS Spring 2018

PALS members,

The Pittsburgh Project has made some changes. A non-profit is now renting the entire third floor, which will no longer be classrooms and therefore no longer available to PALS. Please let your children know that PALS members should not go into that space.

The LIT Room access has changed as well. We will now meet in the front LIT Room (the first door on the left as you enter the LIT suite), but not the back LIT Room (where we had classes last year). Also – please do not eat in the LIT Room because a person that has a severe gluten allergy will be in that space and could be seriously harmed by trace contact with food. We want to keep everyone safe. The back room in the LIT suite (where we had classes last year) has been converted to TPP administrative meeting space, Please let your children know that PALS members should not go into that space.

For those requiring a quiet spot for lunch, please use room 101. A friendly reminder aimed at keeping the quiet room quiet: children must be supervised by their grown-up while eating in the quiet lunch room.

Thanks for your cooperation as we all adjust to this new situation.

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Actual RSVP to Valentine’s day party

Disregard previous post.

to RSVP please go to this sign up genius page .

To figure out how many Valenines to make, revisit the page to see how may people signed up.

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Valentine’s day RSVP

Please RSVP on the PALS Enrichment Facebook page with the number of adults and children attending so that we can get an idea of how much food to order and also to get a count for the number of valentines people should bring.  Thank you.

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Valentine’s Day Party

Date: 02/14/2018 (Wed.)
Time: 10:30am – 1:30pm EST
Location: Pittsburgh Project


The Valentine’s party is taking place on Valentine’s Day this year!

We will have two rooms available for kids to play and hang out (which will need supervision signups). One room will be crafts (making Valentine’s cards, making boxes to collect cards, etc.) and the other will be gross motor games.

The main club room will be used for setting out Valentine’s boxes on tables to collect cards and for having a yummy lunch!

Food sign up here:

Job sign up here:

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Parent jobs sign up is open

Here is link in case you did not get an invite.

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Regular Registration Ends Friday

This is a reminder the regular registration ends this Friday (Feb. 2) at midnight.  Registration will then close until the first day of classes, so that teachers can order materials.   Late registration will be allowed on the first and second day of classes, but if you are (1) joining a class, you may be asked to source your own materials, since the group materials will already have been purchased, (2) dropping a class, you may still be charged for materials that have been purchased on behalf of your child and (3) registering (as opposed to making changes to an existing registration), you will be charged a late fee.

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Spring Field trip

Where: Pinball PA
2284 Brodhead Road, Hopewell TWP, PA

When: April 4, 2018, 11-1pm

Who: Everyone is welcome! (The space is a former K-mart- big!)

How much: $12 per player. Ellen will need payment before the trip & will be collecting in the spring.  Please see the sign up sheet at the front desk.

What:  A short historical tour of the museum to see how pinball & gaming machines were made, the history of video gaming/pinball, the difference in gaming “back then” compared to today, and how they look on the inside. We will be divided into two groups for this part: preschool/elementary & middle/high school.
After the tour, all the machines (pinball & stand up video games) are set to free play! A limited amount of crates are available for smaller kids to tote around and stand on.

A SPECIAL NOTE: For MORE learning: Bring your smartphones/tablets.  You can scan a code on EVERY machine within the Hall of Fame and see the history and background of the games..

Here is a fascinating video about the innards of of pinball machine – it’s science!

There is a large area with tables for lunch.

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D&D Class Expansion

We’ve been able to add a second D&D game that will happen in a second room during the 3rd period.  For that reason, we can now include a total of 13 kids in the D&D class.   (One DM is comfortable with up to 6 players, one DM with up to 5).

Thirteen will be the absolute limit because we are now out of rooms!  However, if you were interested in D&D and didn’t sign up because it said “wait list” there are a few more spots now open for registrations.  The two students who had already signed up for the wait list don’t have to do anything else to be enrolled – and we have space for 4 additional kids.

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Valentine’s day party

The PALS Valentine’s day party is coming up.  For more details please visit this sign up for the party:

and this sign up for the food:

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Parent job sign up

Parent job sign ups will open on Tuesday, Feb 6th at 7:00 PM.  And close Tuesday, Feb 13th at 7:00 PM.  The link to the sign up form will not be emailed out to individuals, it will be posted here.

You must be a registered member of PALS to sign up for parent jobs.  If you are not registered, your name will be removed from the job so it will be available for someone else.

If you need to change your job after 2/13/18, please email the jobs coordinator at


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