Class proposals and descriptions by Saturday please!

This Saturday is the last day to submit class proposals, however, we only have room for one more class per period (Great job filling all our new rooms with awesome classes everyone!). Therefore, if we run out of space before then, we will not be able to accept all proposals. We have a lot of class options for the 12+ crowd, so we are going to be prioritizing new proposals that are for the younger crowd, and particularly those that include either 7 year olds or 11 year olds, the two ages for which we have the fewest options. Please look carefully at the schedule before proposing a class, because we would like to include classes that would be different from other classes in the same period to give a nice variety in the choices offered. Here is a link to the current draft of the schedule to review when crafting new proposals:…Manage
For teachers who are already on the schedule, if you have not submitted your class description please do so by Saturday. Also, please click on your class on the current draft of the schedule to ensure details regarding cost, age range, and maximum number of students are correct. Note, the maximum number of students listed is purposefully one less than in your proposal to account for any need approval sign-ups
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