The PALS board is proud to support Owen and our other young members who are participating in National Student Walk-Out day this Wednesday at 10am. If you have a middle/high school age child who you do not want to participate, please discuss this with them prior so there is no confusion. If you have a child younger than 11 years old, please note that for safety reasons, we will not allow them to leave the classroom unless prior arrangements have been made with the teacher to release them to a responsible party. At least one teacher will be expected to stay inside with any non-participating children. Please read Owen’s announcement below for more details:

Hi, this is Owen Chaffin. Myself and other students from PALS Homeschool Enrichment Co-op are organizing and participating in the #Enough National School Walkout at 10:00 am on Wednesday, March 14th, during 1st period. We will listen to student speakers and return to class after 17 minutes in honor and remembrance of the 17 students and teachers who lost their lives last month in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. The #Enough walkout is a national protest all across the country organized by youth and a call to action for state and national leaders to enact meaningful gun control legislation that will keep all children and families safe from gun violence.

Even though we are homeschoolers that doesn’t mean that we don’t go to movie theaters, shopping malls or places of worship where senseless acts of gun violence could and already have occured. Many of us have siblings or friends and neighbors that do attend brick and mortar schools and many of us may have already attended or may attend in the future. Just because we do our schooling at home doesn’t mean that we can’t stand up for and in solidarity with our brick and mortar brothers and sisters. This walkout will add our voices to the youth chorus across America that is demanding that changes need to happen so that these tragedies stop. #neveragain

Please bring any homemade signs, banners or posters that express your feelings. Participation is optional and your choice. Wear orange in solidarity if you can. All students will be returning to their classes after the short program. For more information about the National Walk Out visit https://www.womensmarch.com/enough/

We will also be organizing a group of homeschoolers who want to march together in solidarity at the Pittsburgh #March4OurLives, on Saturday, March 24th in downtown Pittsburgh in conjunction with the other marches being held across the country. We will meet on the steps in front of the City Building on Grant Street at 10:00am. The March begins at 11:00. More details to follow.
For more information, please contact Owen Chaffin, age 13 at diglett33@gmail.com

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