Spring Class proposals are due by NOVEMBER 8th!
Please enter your proposals online on our website:

If you know that you want to teach say, science, 2nd period, to 6-8s, but haven’t planned exactly what – no worries.  It is fine to leave the description as TBD at this point, and put in a tentative title.  You can always use the class amendment form  to make changes later.

(Even if Cat talked to you at the party and you told her what you planned to do, please enter a formal proposal, so that the information is all contained in one place and can be copy/pasted into the spreadsheet properly!)

If you want to teach, but you are not sure what – we can tell you for sure that we are always a little short of classes for the middle school set (10 – 12ish) , and often a little short of classes for the little kids (6 – 8ish).   Starting next week (Nov 1) – we will also have an ongoing class grid available to view by the front desk during the morning, and in the guest house at lunch, so that you can see what classes have already been proposed, with their ages and tentative times.  That way, if you see a place where you think your kid won’t like any of the choices, you can propose something for that time slot and age!

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