Regular Registration Ending AUGUST 21 (correction)(aka not enough coffee in the world).

We are very excited about the number of students already registered for fall classes and especially thrilled to see a number of new families!

Registration will be open for only six more days – closing on August 21 at midnight, to give teachers time to order materials, etc. [Please note that the date of August 31, which was previously given in the calendar section of the website, was a typographical error. As was the previous announcement with the headline September 21.  The correct closing date for registration is August 21].

Registrations will not be taken at all between August 21 and September 14 (the first day of classes).  Additional registrations will be allowed (with payment of late fee) on September 14 and September 21 (the add/drop period).  However, students registering during this time may be asked in some cases to source their own materials.  After September 21, students may be added to classes only with teacher permission, as adding additional students during the term may be disruptive to some classes.

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