Fall Classes still needed!

Pals Parents – Here is a link to the class grid showing the classes that have been proposed so far. As you can see we have a couple of holes to be filled (indicated in RED on the chart). Also, we still have plenty of rooms, so if you see a place where your child might be unhappy with the offerings – feel free to offer a class for that age at that time. We don’t need a full description at this point – or you can give a general description but change it later – we do need to know time period, age range, and any limitations on class size.

Keep in mind that (a) classes often fill up and (b) teachers and co-teachers (but not assistants) get to register first as we beta-test the registration forms and links.

If you are willing to teach whatever we need, whenever we need it, let us know that, as well. Likewise, if you need some ideas or have some ideas but want to hammer them down, feel free to grab a board member to talk them through.

Finally, we hope to finalize the schedule by the END OF SHARE FAIR. It is too hard to deal with additions and changes during the summer, so getting this in final shape lets everyone enjoy their summer.

Proposal forms can be found at the front desk, or you can use the online form found under the Enrichment Classes menu item on the Pals website.

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