Share Fair!

A message from Amy Shelleby, our share fair coordinator for this term:

Can you believe share fair is right around the corner!!! This year we plan on having a few different activities. Please take a moment to see if your child would like to participate in any of these events. There is also some volunteer opportunities for the parents if you would like to help out. Thanks, you can contact me at if you or your child would like to be involved. If you contact me through facebook messenger please write something here so I know to look for your message since sometimes they can be placed in the “other” mailbox.

1. We will again be setting up table to display any work your child has done throughout the year that they may want to show off.

2. We are looking for any teachers and classes that may want to give a presentation of what they have learned this semester.

3. Talent Show! We are giving kids the opportunity to show off any new skills or talents they have. Magic shows, comedy skits, instruments….be creative!

4. Field day games will be held if the weather cooperates. I will need help from about 6 parents to run the games.

PLEASE let me know how you, your child or your class would like to participate in this end of the year celebration. Thank you everyone!

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