We had a great first day last week!

Here are a few reminders and announcements going forward:

  • This week  (second week of classes) is the FINAL WEEK for adding classes without needing teacher permission.  Tarissa will be hanging out with her laptop to do drop/adds between 2nd and 4th period, or you may let her know by email during the early part of the week (so that we have time to print final rosters for Wednesday of the 3rd week of classes).   (Classes can be dropped at any time, but you may not be able to get a refund for materials fees if they have already been spent for supplies for the class).

  • If you know that you are not going to be at PALS, please contact the Jobs Coordinator, Tarissa Arnold Mages at in advance.

  • If you are a Jobs Floater, please be sure to check in at the Front Desk and see if you have an assignment that day. If you are an Afternoon Floater, please be sure to check assignments at Lunch Time as well.


  • Please remind your children to stay off the grass in the courtyard any time that the grass is wet, snowy, or muddy.


  • Teachers, starting this week, the attendance clipboards will be at the front desk in the morning.m,The first teacher in a classroom (which is usually but not always first period) should pick up the attendance clipboard, and the last teacher in that room (usually but not always fourth period) should return it to the front desk.

  • It’s not too early to start thinking about the fall term. Class Proposal forms are available on our website and in paper form at the front desk. Remember – teachers and co-teachers (but not assistants) get to register during the beta-test period before regular registration begins.

  • PALS Yearbook team will be taking family pictures for the Family board next week 15 minutes before and after PALS. We will be taking them in the room across the hall from the sign in table. If you took a picture last semester, we can use that.

  •  Teachers -Please let the Yearbook Club know if you are doing something interesting in class that we can capture for the yearbook! You can message them on the Pals Yearbook Club Facebook Page or tell Kathi Radcliffe or Shannon Bartels during PALS.


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