If you have been thinking that you might want to propose a class for next term, then now is the time! Some class slots and age groups have already been covered, but others could still benefit from additional classes. You can see the draft schedule HERE, if you want to check whether there are places where you might want to offer classes based on lack of offering that appeal to your own children. The schedule will be finalized by the end of this term.

Two important things to keep in mind:  First: in the past PALS classes have filled quickly. This term, because the move gave us more rooms than we had before, we were able to add new classes last term to meet class demands…we are unable to do so next term. The community has pointed out that it is unfair to those who register early to not have the finalized choice selection available and creates an unfair burden on those who volunteer to coordinate the already massive amount of administrative details that go into making PALS work for you.  Second: teachers get first chance to register during the beta-testing phase of registration before registration officially opens (which is only fair because they need somewhere for their own kids to go while they teach).

Classes can be added NOW to meet registration needs, but only if parents volunteer to teach.  In particular, you can see that we have only enough current volunteer preschool teachers to run 1 preschool class per hour.  If you are concerned about your child being able to register for a preschool, then we encourage you to contact us and offer to run an additional preschool during the first, second, or third hours, or an additional hour of playground games or other movement type class during the fourth hour.  (We do not have access to the preschool classrooms during the fourth hour).  If there are other hours where you feel that your child will not have a class they enjoy, we also encourage you to propose an additional class for that time.

Takeaway points:

  • Teachers get first chance to register for classes.  
  • Many classes, especially preschools, are expected to fill quickly.
  • The answer to PALS needing to run more classes each hour is to have MORE PARENTS VOLUNTEER TO TEACH. 
  • Since no additional classes will be added after the schedule is finalized at the end of this term, if you want to propose a class, DO IT NOW.
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