We are now taking proposals for classes for Fall 2015.  Our goal is to have the fall session planned and scheduled by the end of this session.

NEW: CO-TEACHERS We’d like all classes to have a co-teacher. Both teachers should plan to be there for all classes – this will eliminate the need for assistants and substitutes. (From Cat: also in my experience, having a co-teacher makes teaching a lot more fun). [WE ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGING THIS, both because we think it will mean A LOT less work for the administrative team, and also because having a co-teacher makes teaching a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.  However, it is not at this point mandatory.]

NEW: NO TEACHER PAY = CHEAPER CLASSES.   Based on community vote at our mandatory set-up day meeting, teachers from the community will not be paid, which means that the costs for their classes will be limited to materials fees only (non-members will still pay an additional non-member fee to cover over-head expenses).  (A limited number of outside teachers, such as the martial arts teacher, will continue to be paid, and to charge for their classes).

SAME but IMPORTANT: Propose as many classes as you want – this can be many more than you are prepared to teach at one time. We will survey the community to determine which ones are most interesting to our current students.

HOW: Fill out either a paper form (available at the front desk) or the online form (available on our website).

PAPER FORM INSTRUCTIONS: Everyone who plans to teach should fill out one teacher information sheet.  For each class to be proposed, one of the co-teachers should attach a separate page to his/her teacher information sheet answering the proposal questions.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 1 (Our 6th class session).

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