Looking Forward to Next Term!

Next term teachers: during share fair, we will have the schedule posted for next term.  If you want, you should feel free to add to our display with anything that you think it would be helpful for parents and students to see as they consider the classes, such as materials, examples, textbooks, etc.

Next term clubs: We still have a few club slots open.  If you’d like to get a head-start on filling your parent-job duties, fee free to write your name into any open club position on the next term classes display.

Next term club materials:  If you are cleaning out your closets, keep us in mind for donations of legos, games (board games, card games, other categories that I can’t think of right now…), and arts and crafts materials (beads, buttons, wire, small sparkly bits, wooden thingies, marbles, shells, feathers, interesting paper, markers, stamps, etc.)

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