Class Proposal Time!

It’s that time again!  In order to give us time to collect proposals and survey the kids as to which classes they would like, we are beginning to accept class and club proposals for the spring.

Propose as many classes as you like – even if you are not willing (or able!) to teach all of them.  After the proposal deadlines, we will conduct a survey  to determine which of the proposed classes are likely to meet with large and enthusiastic enrollments.  (There is a question on the proposal form where you can tell us the maximum number of classes that you are prepared to teach).

ALL PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22.  (Week 7 of classes). The survey will be conducted during the Halloween party and during the 8th week of classes. After the survey is compiled, classes will be selected and scheduled, and a schedule for next term will be available before the end of this term.

Please complete a separate form for each proposed class

You may submit an online form or print out and complete a paper form.   Paper forms will also be available at the front table at during class days next week and for the  5th, 6th, and 7th weeks of class.

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